Shareholder Elizabeth Quinn attended a special joint celebration of the historic anniversaries of the District of Columbia Bar and the Bar Association of the District of Columbia as they recognized their respective 50th and 150th years serving D.C. lawyers and the wider community. The event took place at the D.C. Court of Appeals Historic Courthouse and was attended by judges (past and present) and leaders in the two organizations. Elizabeth recently concluded her court-appointed term as a Trustee for the D.C. Bar’s Client Security Fund, a program of the Bar which reviews and decides reimbursement requests from clients who claim they were harmed by dishonest conduct of members of the D.C. Bar. She is proud to have served on the Fund for over two years, with her final year as Chair. The Fund plays an important role in ensuring that members of the public who may have been wronged by a lawyer’s dishonest conduct are compensated – at least financially – for their losses.