Creative Immigration Strategies With Excellence, Expertise and Empathy

In his timeless essay, A Nation of Immigrants, President John F. Kennedy wrote, “Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life.” Like Kennedy, we believe this nation has been enriched by dreamers, thinkers, and strivers from other countries. We have made it our mission to ensure that future generations will continue to benefit from a global perspective.

If your company relies on an international workforce to be competitive in a global economy, we are here to make the immigration and visa procurement process as smooth as possible. If you are an accomplished professional and your goal is to move to the United States to tap into our wealth of resources and contribute your expertise to our rich landscape, we can help you procure your visa or green card.

Our experienced team of immigration attorneys helps clients:

  • Manage visa and green card cases for employers who wish to hire foreign talent
  • Assist multinational companies in transferring employees and executives to the United States
  • Obtain visas of extraordinary ability (EB-1) and exceptional ability (EB-2) for qualified professionals
  • Move and transfer talent to the United States to train, work, and compete in a global economy
  • Develop an immigration strategy and policies for employers
  • Develop immigration strategies for individual investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and scholars, as well as other professionals
  • Resolve complicated immigration issues in innovative and creative ways

We have been assisting multinational companies and individuals with immigration issues since 1993, and our experience in this highly specialized area of immigration law is unparalleled. Contact us to speak directly to one of our shareholder attorneys to find out if we can help you achieve your immigration goals.