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Contact Information

We believe in personal contact, and are available by phone or email.
Phone: 202-537-4830

Our offices are located at:

5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Suite 920

Washington, DC 20015

Driving Directions:

Trow & Rahal is conveniently located on the border between Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland. Our office is in the Chevy Chase Pavilion building at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue, Western Avenue, and Military Road, N.W. The address is Suite 920, 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC, 20015. Parking is available in the garage below the building, with parking entrances on Wisconsin Avenue and Military Road.

Click on the link below to get driving instructions to Trow & Rahal. Alternatively, please call 202-537-4830 or e-mail, and we will fax or e-mail driving instructions to you. Click here for a driving map.

Metro Directions:

Trow & Rahal is located in the retail/office/hotel complex above the Friendship Heights Metro Station on Metrorail’s Red Line. Using the Western Avenue exit from the station, take the escalator to the top, then turn right and enter the glass doors into the Chevy Chase Pavilion. Take the short escalator up to the Mezzanine level; proceed to the “Shops” elevator and go up one level to the 1st Floor; exit to your left, proceed past the reception desk to T-Mobile, and use the glass doors on your left to enter the office building lobby. Check in with the concierge and then take the office elevators to the 9th floor, Suite 920.


Alternatively, immediately after taking the Western Avenue exit, follow the long corridor to your right and take the Metro elevator to street level; exit to your left. The entrance to the Chevy Chase Pavilion building will be directly to your left, between the Washington Sports Clubs and Cheesecake Factory entrances. Enter the building, and proceed to the glass door entrance to the office building lobby. Check in with the concierge and then take the office elevators to the 9th floor, Suite 920.

Click here for a map of the Metrorail system.

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